At Queen Mary, I teach the first year modules Unravelling Britain and History in Practice, as well as supervising HRD dissertations. Two new modules: "Making Thatcher's Britain,, 1975-1997" and "The Unfinished Revolution: Democracy in Britain and America, 1828-1928" will come on-stream in 2014.

At Oxford, I taught the following papers:

Prelims (1st Year)

British VI (1815-1924)
British VII (since 1900)

General History IV (1815-1914)

Approaches to History
Historiography (Macaulay, Ranke, Weber)

Optional Subject 1: Theories of the State (Aristotle, Hobbes, Rousseau, Marx)

Finals (2nd/3rd Year)

British VI (1815-1924)
British VII (since 1900)

British Politics and Government since 1900 (for PPE)

General History XII (1856-1914)

Further Subject: Political Theory and Social Science

Special Subject: Political Pressures and Social Policy, 1899-1914

Disciplines of History